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the saltiest ([personal profile] cloud_riven) wrote2010-09-27 04:27 am

class at 1pm; time for midnight tv time

I exchanged my graveyard shifts for graveyard easia 101 readings where I hunch over a monitor in the dark. Some of these pdf's are 40 pages long and we're expected to print these out every now and then for "discussion sessions." I think I'll just get a netbook to cut the cost of a new printer and ink.

Dumping a few doodles I found while organizing some folders. Not sure whether to crosspost any of this to communties or dA, or just leave in a scrap pile on my hard drive. There were also quite a few other things, but they look too unfinished to bother at the moment. Like. Unfinisheder in comparison.

This is old. Like a couple years. All I remember is that this was some of kind Gaia thing, and that someone with an amalgation of "bunny" and "mel" did a sketch that I think I asked permission to colour. I don't remember. Permission was granted though it was good times.

I finally read and caught up on Homestuck about three weeks ago. Naturally, when I run headfirst into these sort of things I think they're the best thing ever. At the time I puked this out in Photoshop, I was thinking about HINABN and how there has been virtually no updates as of late. Somehow I decided mashing the two together was genius. Uhhhhh.

These were for the anon meme if I'm not mistaken. My bookmarks are on the old laptop, so I don't remember what the request for these were. All I know was that I was kind of anal about making sure everything fit into a 400x400 square of sorts. Pretty sure I did not make sure the requester got there "fill" since I couldn't find any of these (or the unposted ones) on any of the image hosts I use. I'll get around to that when I'm not so busy I think.

Man, I really don't have a grasp on other's OCs.

Jackie Chan?

France's nose on the right makes me laugh in hindsight because it makes no actual sense ever.

Everything is old. I oughta actually practice and draw new things.

And now I am going to watch some Darkwing Duck. The comic makes it seem like it never left, so I may as well marathon it until the next issue is out.

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