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I have come into a lot of free time lately for bizarre reasons relating to work imploding on my face, so I ended up watching Venture Bros up till the S4 finale in one go. Holy crap. Between this, Adventure Time, MLP, and Sym-Bionic Titan, I really hate Canadian cable for not getting the license to broadcast them (yet?). My sister did buy me the first season of VB though, so I guess it's fair that I can least get those here. Still, deconstruction of genres is basically one of my favourite themes in just about any media, and there's so much love leaking out this cartoon too, and the voice work hnnnnngh. Would that last season count as a reconstruction? I really should have watched it sporadically though, because I'm in that weird buzz state where I need to consume all information related to a series I just finished, and I must talk to someone about it even it means reviving old dead forum posts or bothering meatspace wizards into watching it so I can demand, "OMG this thing entertained me. Now that you watched it, validate my strong feelings for it."

Also got these new contacts. Why the crap didn't I ever consider wearing them before until now? Aside from my beady eyes being noticeable for being beady, it's kinda cool to not have to push up a pair of frames when I need to look up and stare at the sun shit in the sky. Just got to remember to put some eyeliner on so my eyes don't look so small; my hipster frames cheated that for me most of the time.
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My little sister came back from Long Beach today. She was barely gone for four days, and I really didn't notice her absence to be honest, but I'm glad she's here to kick me into gear every now and then. I tend to fall into pits of despair, self pity, and irresponsibility quite easily without a dork like her to keep me in check.

And she bought me some sweater and jacket combos, most likely from Target. Actually, I don't know where she bought them. She was smart enough to remove the tags. I want to believe they're from Target so I don't have to think she spent too much on me... They're too nice. I should thank her properly for them rather than being a dick and telling her she doesn't seem Canadian too me anymore).

Also, LOST, holy crap. I didn't think I'd be so worked up about the smoke monster that I actually hate it right now. Guess Locke was actually one of my favourite characters on the show. The first four seasons are on sale everywhere, so I'll have to pick them up this week and attempt a marathon of it with the family soon. I could certainly do with less of Dad's, "I don't understand this, explain it to me right now during this dialogue scene I'm missing and will be asking about later during another dialogue scene." Plus, he likes marathoning TV shows apparently. We did that for the first season of Heroes, and I think it's the only reason he got into that show as well. I love our TV time together.
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The ending to Harper's Island left me with the feeling of being short-changed at a convenience store. There were still unanswered questions and, more so, I had to raise a few more. Such as:
  • When did murderous intent become a hereditary trait?
  • WAT
  • WAT
  • Island-wide genocide is a flawless plan, and the answer to a happy life with the obsession of your choice how exactly?
  • How do you fake the death of three people in less than four hours, with a few blood stains thrown around here and there, and in a burning church?

  • I should have kept low expectations for a show with low ratings, but I have to admit I'm probably just easily entertained.

    Earlier today I got my letter for part-time studies at the university. At first I thought I was being rejected as the envelope looked flimsy and thin, but it really was just a confirmation. I guess they're saving paper this year? Or maybe they just realized there was no need to add unnecessary papers for those who are just continuing their degree? Oh well. The point is I have something decent to look forward to in the fall.

    Also, my older sister just discovered lolcats and image macros. She enjoys sending me many via a one-per-email format.
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Before I get into that, let me clarify that I'm always late (quite fashionably, really) in realizing news. Oh how I wish I was around for the hippie hand-holding parties on [ profile] hetalia.
No, really, I do. I miss a ton of the discussions. And, apparently, wank fests.

  • Hetalia's anime is not going to get aired on a kid's channel? Something else about alternative means of viewing and easier access to raw anime, I think. Que sera, sera.

  • Keanu Reeves is officially Spike Spiegel? ♥♥♥ I mean D:

  • LOST, season five starts Wednesday? Should probably stop caring and watch real science fiction, or fantasy, or what-have-you. But I really, really, really want to know what happens next. LOOOOOCKE!

  • Still no word on an actual sequel to Apollo Justice? That's right. Not interested in Gyakuten Kenji.

Anywho, listing the things I need to work on (internet-wise). If I write these down, you see, and put them in a relatively public place where I might be held accountable to my promises, I may actually follow through on them. Assuming I don't delete this post and pretend nothing happened.

[ profile] hetardsunited — Submit work at some point in the future for the fanbook project.
[ profile] hetalia — a comm post. Haha. Compost. Actually more along the lines of a reminder to share my junk as soon as I collect/produce enough. No deadline.
Neon Menaces Evangelion — Ritsuko and Asuka voicework. What the fluke? Lines for the parody are due in February I believe. Goal: Try to make them sound as if they're not done by the same person ._.
dA — Update it. This year. Maybe. DONE

If I fail at finishing a certain two of the four there, I'm sure to be looked down upon by their respective managers. Do not want internet flames, please.
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When I was a kid, until the beginning of middle school I believe, I didn't have any access to cable television. Money was tight, and my family was lucky enough to own a decent television at the time. Oh, pitiful us. The only channels my family could afford at the time were the free ones, known as PUBLIC TELEVISION and THE FRENCH CHANNEL. These are the cartoons of my childhood.
God Bless YouTM National Film Board of Canada's animation section.

Para Sight

What the pretentious? I'm glad government-sponsored television never raised me. I could have turned into a hipster. A hipster.

Two animated shorts with actual substance under the cut )
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So the show I try to watch on Sunday nights, Valentine, got cancelled.

What? WHAT?

The premise of modern Greek-God Aphrodite's (now under the name Grace) family's match-making shenanigans was not a thing to marvel over, but by Zeus it hit my "guilty pleasure" fix hard. Where else will I find holistic lawyers and holistic plumbers?

At least I have The Mentalist to look forward to on Tuesdays. I thought this would be one of those shows CBS would axe after four episodes (not just because Simon Baker = show!death), but they've actually ordered a full season of it. I don't normally pay attention to ratings or viewer numbers, but I'm glad my prediction was completely off on this one. The Mentalist is like visual cheesecake in a procedural suit of clothes.


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