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the saltiest ([personal profile] cloud_riven) wrote2010-06-27 01:05 am

baw baw baww Also, Hanatamago is hard to draw from memory

Oh wow. I went to work sad because I actually thought one of Happy Harbor's stores had to close for financial reasons or whatnot. Because I made a brief stop to the tea shop nearby, I figured I would just stop at that particular store and get something to read. I ended up standing around like a confused, sad person for a good two minutes in front of the shop's "FOR LEASE"d windows. They actually only just relocated a block away back in April. News to me since I usually just go the branch that's closer to where I live, rather than the one near work.

What's worse is that I actually walked past the new store on my way back without realizing it until I visited their website looking for answers and comfort.

Seriously though, Happy Harbor is a beautiful place, and it would definitely be worth being depressed over if they stopped existing. They are really cool folks.

Also, that dog Finland and Sweden have in APH can kill itself.

Seriously. I don't know I'm doing anymore. For an anon at the meme for giving me a dreamwidth code so I can relocate some of my iffyness to a "safe" haven. I'm not even gonna try and reference what a certain group could have found at a certain other journal I keep, but at least it's gone now before they could have a field day with it. I'm not even sure I'm entirely comfortable even mentioning that journal in a vague passing way here since I made sure to never associate either with the other even online.

As far as I know, I don't really have anything worth hiding in this one in case this one is also found by that certain group of internet detectives. Oh well.

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