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the saltiest ([personal profile] cloud_riven) wrote2011-02-26 06:34 pm
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I love marathoning shows

I have come into a lot of free time lately for bizarre reasons relating to work imploding on my face, so I ended up watching Venture Bros up till the S4 finale in one go. Holy crap. Between this, Adventure Time, MLP, and Sym-Bionic Titan, I really hate Canadian cable for not getting the license to broadcast them (yet?). My sister did buy me the first season of VB though, so I guess it's fair that I can least get those here. Still, deconstruction of genres is basically one of my favourite themes in just about any media, and there's so much love leaking out this cartoon too, and the voice work hnnnnngh. Would that last season count as a reconstruction? I really should have watched it sporadically though, because I'm in that weird buzz state where I need to consume all information related to a series I just finished, and I must talk to someone about it even it means reviving old dead forum posts or bothering meatspace wizards into watching it so I can demand, "OMG this thing entertained me. Now that you watched it, validate my strong feelings for it."

Also got these new contacts. Why the crap didn't I ever consider wearing them before until now? Aside from my beady eyes being noticeable for being beady, it's kinda cool to not have to push up a pair of frames when I need to look up and stare at the sun shit in the sky. Just got to remember to put some eyeliner on so my eyes don't look so small; my hipster frames cheated that for me most of the time.

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