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the saltiest ([personal profile] cloud_riven) wrote2014-05-31 03:04 pm

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So I sat down and watched Attack on Titan for a couple days.

Everything I assumed was completely wrong. Gonna make a draw thing about how completely off I was, because I was really really off. Also, I didn't expect to be so angry nearly every episode. I want season 2.
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I thought it was gonna be one of those short animes so when I got to like episode 14 and there was no end in sight I was like, Nope, I quit.

But I wanna see your misconceptions.
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In terms of the cosplayers swarming every con, YEP. It's already there.

Fortunately those uniforms accentuate the butt and thighs quite nicely both in the anime and irl. So as long as I know a cosplayer is 18, I'm okay with it.
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it's pretty good, hey? i wonder how long they will wait for the manga to produce enough for a second season.