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Name:the saltiest
Birthdate:Jan 25
Location:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Biography lol

Eternal university undergrad, video game enthusiast, and artist.
Nervous wreck, overexcited knob, and amateur in each respective category.

I like video games. That's my ice breaker. This generation I've mainly stuck to portable consoles—PSP and DS—because being poor is what I do these days. 2D plane platformers, shooters, rhythm games, roguelike, and fps are my favourite genres even though I'm absolutely terrible at all of them (mostly the latter. Oh how I try). Rpgs and those jrpgs are also fine.
Most of my discussion time about these things actually takes place in video game blogs like the joystiq, shack news, dtoid, rps, and subreddits and whatever. So I actually don't post much regarding this hobby on LJ since I'm pretty much spent talking about it elsewhere.

When I do post, it's usually life garbage, or passing thoughts I felt were clever at the time. Posts aren't locked unless they're left for my own personal and private reference, or if I'm being paranoid about work people and important people like my mom finding me through google. If I friend you out of the blue, it's probably because I like your fanwork or posts, and I wish to stalk your talent. I don't mind being added myself either, just keep in mind that I don't tend to comment on most of what I read.

This is painfully awkward to write.

I also like books and things sometimes.

I wish to live in a library.

Current things I'm playing/watching/etc.: Teen Wolf, lesbian political movements in US/Canadian history, Denpa Men, Merlin, Person of Interest, Etrian Odyssey IV, Paranatural, Team Plasmoid Go!, Elementary, Homestuck, Red vs. Blue, brushing up on java programming, Adventure Time, Venture Bros, The Walking Dead, Evangelion, Morning Glories, the EPUB ebook format.

Current Internet Goal of the Year: 2013 = fanwork productivity + putting things under this handle - sockpuppet crutching

This is the key to my SEKRIT age

Interests (154):

"aych dee", "playing" guitar, 150 interests, aesop rock, agnosticism, amateur art, amateur voice acting, anonymity, apollo justice, artemis fowl, avatar, awesome canyons, awesome rocks, badfic, baking, bedtime at 5am, being terrified, bill mudron, buddhism, canadian identity, cave story, cereal mascots, cheesecake, chris kohler, cool-looking rocks, crack analysis, cromartie high, css, dai mahou touge, darkwing duck, destructoid, diva cups, donnie darko, dr. steel, earthbound, eating heart attacks, ebooks, el chavo del 8, enunciating words, etrian odyssey, evangelion, exit!, ez-flash, ffxi, figma, figurines, flash, frugality, gakuen datenroku, gashapon, gatchaman, geology, ghosts, gintama, good omens, greyhound bus rides, guatemala, handheld gaming, harold and maud, having many scarves, hetalia, hide, high heels sometimes, him, hinabn, html, iris mavraki, irl journal, jackie chan adventures, level-5, libraries forever, link's awakening, low low prices, lurking, making pancakes, menstruation, merlin, michiko to hatchin, movie soundtracks, music theory, mythology, nds homebrew, not bugs, not failure, not my cousins, not ubb, not work ever, one piece, opera web browser, opeth, overusing "awesome", paint tool sai, pancake recipes, pancakes, panda-z, phoenix wright, pixel art, podfic, post-confederation, potatoes, poutine, procedurals, professor layton, ragnarok online, reading out loud, reboot, revoltech, rhythm tengoku, rivalries, rule 63, sales on steam, secret of mana, sherlock (bbc), sherlock(bbc), shin megami tensei, silent protagonists, singing when i'm alone, sketchbook pro, skip beat, sleeping pills, slender man, snes, steam detectives, swag, tales of phantasia, tamora pierce, team ico, the blues brothers, the legend of zelda, the lion king, the outlaw josey wales, the prince of egypt, the rasmus, the unusuals, the walking dead, the weakerthans, timothy findley, tokyo crazy paradise, toys, trends in fandom, trustworthy music recs, turkish delight, turtlenecks, valkyrie profile, venture bros, video games, violinist of hameln, wacom, waking up at 3pm, wankity wank, wasd pc controls, will ferguson, writing, yotsuba
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