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the saltiest ([personal profile] cloud_riven) wrote2011-06-06 05:44 pm

I honestly do love my little sister. But...

Sis: Hey, uh, so why is it when you look at the sun in a camera it doesn't hurt your eyes?

Me: What? Through a camera lens? That's still—

Sis: No I mean like when it's done and on a screen.

Me: Okay? Like, on TV then?

Sis: Yeah, that. Why doesn't it hurt your eyes?

Me: [pause and stare] Because it is not a light source.

Me: Well, actually, the monitor or screen is technically one, but not like the sun itself.

Sis: No what I mean is why doesn't it burn or make you go blind.

Me: I just answered your question. What is there NOT to understand?

Sis: No. Like why doesn't it—

Me: Shut up. Just shut up and listen. It. Is. Not. The. Actual. Sun.

Sis: [glares]

Me: When you pick up a photo of the sun. Or see it in some magazine. Print, whatever. It doesn't hurt your eyes, does it?

Sis: No, but I mean when it's on the scree—

Me: STOP. Okay. It's practically the same as an actual picture. Minus the—

Sis: Uh huh. So? [she leans forward, perhaps with sudden comprehension]

Me: ...whole "stare at the monitor too long and you get astigmatism" I think that's what you get. Whatever I don't really—

Me: Point is it's just a picture. Not a light light source.

Sis: But...?

Me: [eyes raise to the ceiling while sighing] Think of it this way: a sun on TV isn't going to brighten up your house or set it on fire.


Me: Fffuuuck you for making me explain this.
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[personal profile] agentcthulhu 2012-12-04 06:51 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm sorry, I'm way laughing so hard at this. Reminds me of the time I had to explain the difference between a river and a lake to a five year and why lakes don't bloody flow into oceans. Because his idiot of a father told him rivers goes into lakes goes into oceans. Ahhhh!