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the saltiest ([personal profile] cloud_riven) wrote2012-10-12 01:04 pm
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Recording my first official *official* podfic

Even got the author's permission, and now I'm prepared to mortify the world and be an official member of podfic fandom! Yay!

And I'm totally into it, and reading the shit out of this fic while I record it with Audacity in the background window. I pause for a breath and alt+tab myself there to see how long I've been essentially talking to myself for.


Whoa. That can't be right. If my mic is broken, that'd really, REALLY suck!
Maybe I should check to make sure the usb cord is actually—

Wait a second.

Oh no.

Oh hell no.


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Hai, ich comprends.

The "Japanese core 2000 steps 1-10" and "Japanese core 6000 steps 1-12" decks are really good too. The core decks have vocab and vocab in example sentences whereas the "Minna no Nihongo 1.01-1.25" decks are vocab only (I'm pretty sure). TBH I picked the sets because of their extensiveness and availability of Japanese audio samples. I'll be learning grammar separately (probably from library copies of "Japanese: the Spoken Language").

Welp, I've no excuse to not study Japanese now.