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I'm actually too passive for one of these, but imagining it is nice

I had a rival when I was in elementary school. For the latter four years, he and I were math and science rivals striving to get the better grade over the other. We were the "smart kids," this distinction is hardly special if you are friendly about it. When you are in elementary, in a class of barely thirty students, of course there is no challenge to be deemed a smart kid. You even have an advantage if you wear glasses. I remember quite clearly when I announced to half our class that the other smart kid was my rival and that I would beat him on our next division test. It's true that I only said it to make everyone laugh—self-fashioned wit and apparent encouragement from my peers did much for my ego—but I was serious and determined about declaring a rival. Not only was I so proud of knowing what the term "rival" meant, I was excited to add it to my lexicon of "words that make me sound smart and badass." I probably picked up the word from a Redwall book or a videogame.

If I recall correctly, he did acknowledge and accept our rivalry, but I am very sure that he was capable of being patronising at the age of seven. I would not understand that word until I was twelve, and used to adults doing this all of the time. It was fun though, and at the very least gave me some study habits so I would keep up with him. Too bad I stopped having an affinity for the sciences, math, and anything very analytical.

Now that I'm all nostalgic, I would love to have a rival right now, although I really don't know what we would be rivals in. I'm older, in college, and among what seems to be a mass of intellectuals and talented artists. It's hard to feel remarkable about what little I have accomplished when the biggest thing is simply being here. Even that guy who humored me as a kid is aiming for a job with the RCMP, whereas my goal is permanently set to "just make some money, maybe graduate, and don't forget to chillax." I don't think I could even attract competition for it. Sure, yet another friend to cheer me on and uplift whatever spirits are low is always appreciated. But having someone who I want to be better than, and gloat about it is far more appealing. Which is also pretty terrible and mean when I think about it. That's not very nice, and it's kind of very self-aggrandizing. But it would be so much more interesting than chillaxing.
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THIS IS A CUTE STORY hi I'm not sure how I ended up here
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OH YEAH I REMEMBER i wanted to ask if you saw that we had been shipped lol, I was looking for a spam post of some kind
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And you should totally claim the credit. I was gonna go to bed like two hours ago but then this happened, dammit. ALL YOUR FAULT.

eta - i really love the apartment building idea and i want stories and fanart sob
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Well, good luck finding my other journals as well as my tumblr. >:D

But it's so cute, that idea, and I like the idea of rooms or floors being dedicated to certain secret thread going ons too. The wanky ones disrupt the peace

YESSS all of this.

Haha I'm glad today is my day off too. But for the next couple of weeks all I have are these ridiculous evening shifts so I'll be up all night regardless. :\

I wouldn't mind posting a story but ugh I'M IN A WRITING SLUMP RIGHT NOW. behhhhhh
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-----------> <----------

NOT ME. None of the Anons on the same reply level were me. I didn't start the thread.

And now back to your regular scheduled spam.
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Perfect. I bet when she comes home from her long, arduous shift at the pkmn center, cloud_riven is waiting up with hot pizza and a foot massage.

this was me.

and nobody called me out >:\

(and for the record I would have had a similar answer no matter who anon shipped me with)
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Nobody called me out for any of my anonymous comments either. XD
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Ahem. Hi. So. I was looking through my inbox and I found the notif for this comment. It's like, four months late and I'm really sorry. But I looked through the entire thread and I can honestly say to all the Gods in the universe: I can't tell which Anons were me. There were a couple of short back-and-forths that I knew at least one was mine but I don't know WHICH one it was.

It's not that I didn't want to share. I honestly can't tell. Sorry! D: