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I was going through my drawing files, looking for mostly blank canvases to re-purpose since there's no sense in not wasting available white space. Otherwise I end up consolidating multiple files via copy and paste AUGH. Total fun.

Anywho, while futzing around one of these old drawings I can barely remember, I accidentally spewed out what I imagine Profesora Chorizo Trenza, Dr. Salchicha's mentor figure looks like.

• She ties her thick and flowing locks in a braid as a method of making sure she never kills an enemy and potential ally in a fight. kind of like how the legendary Pepperouni Hamshin had a butter knife forged DULL WAYS

• Her signature strand technique is the Follicoil

I think I'm actually giving some serious thought as to where a very meta shounen tale of action hero food people with bdsm undertones might actually go lately :|a

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Dear Social Samba,

I just want to be able to scrape off all my personal information, cookies, sessions, whatever and just make a clean run of that teen wolf hunt game. It would be nice is all, not to have those weird freezes or whatever. Just saying, because I kind of really, definitely, love all this extra meta I'm getting.

oh god i'm actually playing that thing. i can't believe I made a separate facebook for this because i don't want irl folk to ever know.
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I had a rival when I was in elementary school. For the latter four years, he and I were math and science rivals striving to get the better grade over the other. We were the "smart kids," this distinction is hardly special if you are friendly about it. When you are in elementary, in a class of barely thirty students, of course there is no challenge to be deemed a smart kid. You even have an advantage if you wear glasses. I remember quite clearly when I announced to half our class that the other smart kid was my rival and that I would beat him on our next division test. It's true that I only said it to make everyone laugh—self-fashioned wit and apparent encouragement from my peers did much for my ego—but I was serious and determined about declaring a rival. Not only was I so proud of knowing what the term "rival" meant, I was excited to add it to my lexicon of "words that make me sound smart and badass." I probably picked up the word from a Redwall book or a videogame.

If I recall correctly, he did acknowledge and accept our rivalry, but I am very sure that he was capable of being patronising at the age of seven. I would not understand that word until I was twelve, and used to adults doing this all of the time. It was fun though, and at the very least gave me some study habits so I would keep up with him. Too bad I stopped having an affinity for the sciences, math, and anything very analytical.

Now that I'm all nostalgic, I would love to have a rival right now, although I really don't know what we would be rivals in. I'm older, in college, and among what seems to be a mass of intellectuals and talented artists. It's hard to feel remarkable about what little I have accomplished when the biggest thing is simply being here. Even that guy who humored me as a kid is aiming for a job with the RCMP, whereas my goal is permanently set to "just make some money, maybe graduate, and don't forget to chillax." I don't think I could even attract competition for it. Sure, yet another friend to cheer me on and uplift whatever spirits are low is always appreciated. But having someone who I want to be better than, and gloat about it is far more appealing. Which is also pretty terrible and mean when I think about it. That's not very nice, and it's kind of very self-aggrandizing. But it would be so much more interesting than chillaxing.
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Oh wow. I went to work sad because I actually thought one of Happy Harbor's stores had to close for financial reasons or whatnot. Because I made a brief stop to the tea shop nearby, I figured I would just stop at that particular store and get something to read. I ended up standing around like a confused, sad person for a good two minutes in front of the shop's "FOR LEASE"d windows. They actually only just relocated a block away back in April. News to me since I usually just go the branch that's closer to where I live, rather than the one near work.

What's worse is that I actually walked past the new store on my way back without realizing it until I visited their website looking for answers and comfort.

Seriously though, Happy Harbor is a beautiful place, and it would definitely be worth being depressed over if they stopped existing. They are really cool folks.

Also, that dog Finland and Sweden have in APH can kill itself.
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Oh, right. Hello new friends from the friending meme.

It's been a while since I've updated. I think I'm going to eventually work on some type of post/intro that summarizes some of the events of the past few months as it seems like good form to do so. Etiquette, goodwill, and all of that.

Or maybe not. I'm having an awful time at the moment trying to restring my guitar. I can barely play the thing anyways, but it's getting so hard to tune. You can actually tell the difference between my normally odd playing and this new "HA HA OH WOW stop doing that now" playing.

But this is the first time I've tried changing them. I have no idea what I'm doing, and these new strings look nothing like my old strings. I'm so confused, but I know I bought the right pack. Why did I think it was a great idea to do it myself? I should have just checked to see if the guy at the store would've done it for me if I paid him.

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My body is still running on poorly-cooked salmon from two nights ago. I'll try to remind myself to bring a bottle of antacid or what-have-you-cure-alls the next time my sister invites us over for dinner. It was one of those sweet gestures for the family to get to know the guy she is living with a bit better. While it's fine to mend family ties, I would like to wake up the next morning without feeling ill. Granted, I'm not that sick. The indigestion passed away Sunday night. Just felt gross in the morning, really.

So, I call in sick for Monday's classes and took advantage of the spare time to play around in photoshop and check up on my communities. It's nearly 3 AM now; still messing around with photoshop and lj.

So, I check my college email to see if I've missed anything important. Nope.
So, I check my blackboard email. Grad photos and mandatory midterm review tomorrow. Aw crap.
It takes an hour to fall asleep. I need to wake up at 5 AM. One hour of sleep. *FAIL*

I was actually meaning to sleep in or skip the entire day too. After all, I managed to show up for less than a week of January's classes and still understand what the hell was going on. Last term's theme was "Common Sense." This one's is "Tact." One of my assignments dealt with taking a personality test. Many personality tests, actually, but there's no actual skill needed to take them. And I can aim for a 'D' in all my classes, and still graduate. Why bother studying since I hate the course material so much? Because I look bad if I don't even try.

The absences weren't actually due to apathy, rather it was due to a sort of depression coming from that line of thought. One part of me just wants to get this over with; another part wants to stop wasting time with it; another part feels degraded to be taking this in the first place; another part wants a good reputation; and then another part just wants to sleep in till 1 PM everyday. If I were to pull another "disappearing act," I don't believe my instructors would tolerate it this time. But hey, it was one of them that gave me the idea of aiming for a minimum of a 'D' in the case of somehow being unable to comprehend anything. I'd have to work hard to to fail. It's like trying to get fired from Wal-mart/Superstore/any-union-based-employment; impossible.

Somehow, after consulting with a couple advisers and said instructors, I resolved to show my face there most of the time. The point is that I have grad photos tomorrow.

...? Fuck it. I lost and missed my own point. It's too late to be wangsting at this hour.

Bits here and there cross posted to necessary places and irl!journal. Lol, organization, lol.


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