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Spring is my favourite season. Fall vies closely for that spot due to the advantage of being able to wear scarves for the entirety of it. But spring is especially awesome in that I don't have to mistake the crunch of leaves under my boot for a pile of dead beetles.

The weather's lovely enough to wear a sweater outside, and it's not so wam as to dare me to run in the nude. Also, if I'm murdered and dumped in a ditch, I don't have to worry about my body having to be discovered months after winter's snow melts. Just that the relative moisture may decay my body beyond quick identification.

But I seriously hate my on/off allergies to the dust and flying seed things being picked up by the wind and my face. I might just seriously be sick with something—my chest and throat have been sore for a week now. I'm betting on allergies though. My eyes have been watering the moment I stepped outside to grab the mail, and my mucous shares the viscosity of water. Standing up to get a bowl of cereal, only to have a sudden and unexpected torrent of tears and nose fluids fall into my humble meal is not a great way to start my day. The sneezing fits would be fun if I didn't risk accidentally assaulting someone per spasm.

I'm going to investigate those meds they sell for this kind of thing. Some sedatives would also be nice to calm my growing irritation.

Also, happy St. Patrick's Day. I only just realized it's today, but I'm already wearing a green shirt. Mysterious. I'd claim I'm a tenth Irish or something because my great grandma was a red head, but that's just dumb. Happy drinking, snake smashing, or whatever it is people do today.

Dear Mom,

Apr. 8th, 2009 01:25 pm
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You just reported to me your intentions to kill the neighbour's dog. Actually, I'm not even sure if it's their dog, or even a dog that you are set out to kill. Whatever it is, I understand your frustration with the creature's constant habit of defecating in our front garden.

But, mom, you can't put rat poison in that garden. You just can't. In fact, two reasons not to do so:

1) If you do kill the animal that is likely a dog owned by some jerk in the neighbourhood, you're going to get sued and charged for animal cruelty and the like. Don't break up the family. Please.

2) Your gladiolas want to live. The dahlias too! Are you just going to let them die over some sick vendetta!? You once shared a dream with me of being able to become a grand master of soil and vegetation. Once you raise your hand against nature and allow your precious garden babies to become collateral damage, you will lose track of your path.

Just. Just don't kill the dog/cat/thing. Please. No one would ever suspect you due to your sweet and maternal appearance. But the last thing I want to see is the kid next door on the news telling a reporter that he never would have thought you to be the grudge-holding type. You're the only one of us, asides from my little sister, that has the benefit of not coming across as a scary or angry being upon a first meeting. Don't abuse your gift :'(

Your kid,

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I just spent a fun week making a hermit of myself both online and offline. For the former, I simply chose to not log in to anything anywhere, post as an anonymous when possible, and ignore my RSS feeds; refreshing, but nervewracking as some of these things were overwhelming to catch up on. Maybe more on this later.

The latter? Blankets, food, a book, and two boxes of tissues. My sudden lack of academic responsibilities is both a catharsis and a collapse. Also maybe more on this later. Good thing my conscience finally kicked in and kicked me out of the house. These past couple days are just fabulous ♥ I can walk outside, stand by my lethal snow mound of a backyard and sit on it. It's at the stage where it's no longer soft, but hard and icy. It tries to melt, but fails spectacularly thanks to the -8(ish)C temperatures. As soon as a bit manages to melt, it freezes to ice! Hooray for inadvertent ice thrones!

Another item I've been avoiding in that general area of "outside" is the school building. Specifically my locker. I figure I should at least take out the textbooks, but I'm a little wary of running into a classmate and having to explain my absence. It wouldn't be too hard, but I'm a little tired of having to pretend to be a verbose and calm person. Plus, without the recent contact with the world (always a bad idea to put off dealing with it) I might slip up and give off the impression I'm a slurring idiot. Curses. I will get those books out by Thursday and, following my counsellor's advice, attempt to "accidentally" run into my peers and justify myself with a little harmless small talk.

The only negative to wandering about aimlessly in this city is that I've broken down and bought a pack of cigarettes.

"Ah, but they're the good kind," I sighed. "You can't get these at the random convenience stores, and the pharmacies don't sell any tobacco items anymore, much less my favourite brand!

"I might not be able to buy them later," I reasoned to no one in the area, addiction winning out in the end.

But, the cravings for death sticks give me a reason to get out; I won't smoke them in the house. It's a terrible excuse, but it's one I need for now.
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I hate Edmonton. Not all the time. Sometimes I remember my obligatory need to fawn over the city I grew up in. Then I also remember the several reasons why I'd love to just ditch Edmonton, and even move to the enemy known as Calgary. Forget the homely nature of this city, the multiple festivals (I wonder if there are any running right now), and even our apparent scenery; I want the convenience of living closer to the border.

Today's special overused reason to leave: The WEATHER.

By March, one could expect the snow to become a wet mash of bugs, dirt, and ice. Not here. I just took the shovel out awhile ago to re-shovel the snow that some awful draft of wind decided to fling back on the sidewalks and driveway. If I stick the shovel into the piles left on the sides, the barely five inches of a four foot shovel are left visible. I could probably kill myself if I fell in my own backyard. Within two days there'll probably be another random snowfall, and I'll have to clean it up. Within an hour the wind will pick up and hurl everything back. And then I'll cry.

If I lived in B.C. I wouldn't have this problem. Sources tell me that the land of Asians, nude beaches, backyard grizzlies, and humidity doesn't even get snow. What they get is one day of slightly-colder rain passed off as Winter.
Actually, if I lived in Calgary, I wouldn't have this problem either.
What I would get is a mountain view, reminding me that beneath the chill and beyond the uncouth, there is a reason to make the effort worth staying.

Also chinook winds. The founders of Edmonton missed the memo on this, and built the city just far enough we get no mountains on the skyline.

Anywho, I have some vegetable seeds I just bought. I wanted to try my hand at crafting life from the ground. One of the packages indicate that I need to germinate it six weeks prior to spring. Isn't that in a couple of weeks, spring? Riiiiight.
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It exists to help my garden. But it's bleeding winter by now D:
Turned on my computer for my usual ritual of catching up on news feeds. Also per usual, I began posting comments on some forum, but found I couldn't properly hit the spacebar with the thumb of my right hand. Thinking it was just a silly sticky key, I hit it a couple times with extra force.


Since when did my keyboard make crunching noises? With my trusty can of air I attempt to identify what important piece of a keyboard key I may have destroyed. A false alarm. No vitals are damaged. And then I had a heart attack.

Another internet search later and I was assured that it was not a cockroach. A cockroach probably would have made my spacebar permanently sticky, and I would never know why. As it turns out, it's just a sow bug. Which actually aren't bugs. They're more like land shrimp. Hence the cracking and lack of squishing.

Granted, I've seen a few of these running around the basement. Apparently they help gardeners by pooping good things in the dirt. But... it's December. And we've just started having some actual good ol' chilly weather. And I can't grow a chunk of grass to save the earth anyways.

Also, sow bugs don't ruin your homes or kill you.


So they don't even have the decency to be real pests.


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