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Just got back from work, and holy crap the midnight train can be creepy or amusing as hell. Leaning more towards the happy side today.

As there's not all that much traffic, the LRT only uses two or less cars at this hour. Just one tonight, so it was pretty crowded what with the stops in between South and North. A large woman, chugging an unhidden bottle of vodka, all but collapses next to me in my seat. She was rather heavy, and, seemingly gaining momentum from sitting down, she leaned on my shoulder for the entirety of my ride (till the end of the line) and took a nap as far as I know.

I like to think that my sturdy body kept her from falling off the seat, as well kept me from being squished between her and the window. A happy drunk is less likely to start a fight, right?

I hate these midnight shifts.
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"What the hell? Today's the New Year? I thought today was Friday. Oh no. Wait. That would still make it 2009. Shut up."
— Myself (being a retard)

After trying to come up with a 2008 retrospective at four in the morning, I came up with a list of accomplishments and failures. I realize that's all the typical "New Year's Post" ever amounts to, asides from detailing resolutions. Resolutions are great (and maybe wonderful things for gym owner's), but I'm not the type of person to hold much discipline unless the end goal can be reached in the short term. Hence my current education.

Anywho, list times are now in order:

Not!Fail )

Now here's why some of that amounts to nothing:

Fail )

Halfway into the list of failures I started to consider putting down actual accomplishments and failures. But that would entail deep and serious thought at this ungodly hour. However, I will put up a list of commitments later. Unlike resolutions, I can't easily back out of these without losing credentials (mostly on the internet).
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It exists to help my garden. But it's bleeding winter by now D:
Turned on my computer for my usual ritual of catching up on news feeds. Also per usual, I began posting comments on some forum, but found I couldn't properly hit the spacebar with the thumb of my right hand. Thinking it was just a silly sticky key, I hit it a couple times with extra force.


Since when did my keyboard make crunching noises? With my trusty can of air I attempt to identify what important piece of a keyboard key I may have destroyed. A false alarm. No vitals are damaged. And then I had a heart attack.

Another internet search later and I was assured that it was not a cockroach. A cockroach probably would have made my spacebar permanently sticky, and I would never know why. As it turns out, it's just a sow bug. Which actually aren't bugs. They're more like land shrimp. Hence the cracking and lack of squishing.

Granted, I've seen a few of these running around the basement. Apparently they help gardeners by pooping good things in the dirt. But... it's December. And we've just started having some actual good ol' chilly weather. And I can't grow a chunk of grass to save the earth anyways.

Also, sow bugs don't ruin your homes or kill you.


So they don't even have the decency to be real pests.


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