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There were some bananas I was saving to make a banana cake. At least a week for them to look dark enough, but it was definitely worth it. I just had a slice with some ice cream on it. I'm going to be a whale if I keep eating stuff like that before bed. But I want to make it again, so maybe I should buy some more bananas. Ah, but my sister likes bananas too much, and I probably won't any have left to use ; A;

On another note, I saw Shutter Island with a friend yesterday. I liked it. Just a bit hard to buy the premise, especially towards the end. Kind of reminds me of a mash up of Sixth Sense and that movie with Jim Carrey grasping at straws to make a couple numbers add up everywhere he looked. I'm definitely going to get the DVD though, especially since there's a bit too many moments where a rewind or pause would be appreciated.

Hm. My account is expiring. I wonder if I should go another round with it, but I haven't been on lj as much since the beginning of January. I'll have to see which icons I like best. I kind of miss the anon meme, F!S, tmi_chix, the videogame communities, and other fun things... But I've been killed with too many hours at the call centre, TinierMe is being addictive, and I'm too busy playing Pokemon Platinum to get ready for the Gold/Silver remakes. Eventually I'll fall back here anyways. I always do, even if it's just to lurk. Ah well.

Guh, Olympics. Almost slipped my mind. Just wanted to mention an obligatory WOO CANADA WOO before my citizenship is pulled for not doing so.
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Me: Is that all for today?

Caller 1 (Calgary): You betcha.

Caller 2 (Edmonton): You betcha!

Caller 10 (Grand Prairie): You betcha!

Caller 25 (Airdrie): Youuuuuuu betttttttchaaaaa!

Caller 53 (Prince George [lol wut]): YA BETCHA :D

I swear, I never thought Albertans could be so annoying by uttering that single phrase. At least they don't say "y'all" very often. It wouldn't be so grating if I didn't have it fed directly to my ear via a headset. If I come across this face-to-face, I will mangle a hamburger to represent my valid irritation.

I finally finished reading Hitching Rides with Buddha after delaying regular reading sessions for months. I wasn't expecting the ending at all, and even though I know that the author is successful and very well off today, I still wanted to crawl into a corner and cry. No, it wasn't a depressing ending, just a melancholic one that almost makes me want to rethink any urge I have to travel on my own. Maybe I'll just make sure that I know as much of the native language of wherever I end up in before I migrate around the world. That seemed to be one of the things I noticed seemed to cause a bit of hiccups in the book: a language barrier.

By the way, what the hell am I doing on TinierMe? There is nothing to do but fish, but I keep coming back for that stupid coin bonus. And the pretty avatar items. Which, by the way, I heard are older and less detailed than the Japanese version... It's not even a good Gaia clone, but why do I keep coming back? D:
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1) Michiko to Hatchin is hilarious, eh? Also hilarious? The names.
Satoshi Batista. Satoshi Batista. Satoshi.
Hiroshi Morenos. Hiroshi.
Shinsuke Rodriguez. LOL WUT?
Atsuko? Michiko?

Yes, yes, of course it takes place in a South American country that will never exist. But did the writers even try to come up with believable first names? Also, there's a samurai. WHAT? The little pride I have for my heritage is trying to rage over this, but I'm too busy laughing to be insulted.

2) How do you lose a pair of red pajama pants? They're red. Kicked off in the middle of the night, yes, but they're red. If they aspired to become sentient and ninjas, they should be failing hard at the latter?

3) I keep dreaming that I'm having intense arguments on the internet. Late night procrastination does that to a person I guess. But I'm actually checking to see what the rebuttals were; I'm shocked and disappointed to find out these debates never happened.

4) I barely dabble in or consider RPS, but I think I'm shipping Satoru Iwata(Nintendo President) and Masahiro Sakurai(former Nintendo employee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl designer). Reading those Iwata Asks interviews a second time, I have sufficient reason to believe they had hatesex.
Iwata tries too hard to win Sakurai's affections, despite pissing him off with the leash that is known as Super Smash Bros. Sakurai only worked on the project due to nostalgia and feeling he still owed Iwata something. Iwata is after his ass. He keeps coming on to Sakurai.
Sakurai reluctantly bottoms. The indignity (even if deep down he really enjoys it) is what causes him to leave several passive aggressive comments throughout the dojo. Iwata doesn't care since he just thinks it makes Sakurai cuter. Then he wants more ass.
This is definitely a seme/uke and tsundere relationship.

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Before I get into that, let me clarify that I'm always late (quite fashionably, really) in realizing news. Oh how I wish I was around for the hippie hand-holding parties on [ profile] hetalia.
No, really, I do. I miss a ton of the discussions. And, apparently, wank fests.

  • Hetalia's anime is not going to get aired on a kid's channel? Something else about alternative means of viewing and easier access to raw anime, I think. Que sera, sera.

  • Keanu Reeves is officially Spike Spiegel? ♥♥♥ I mean D:

  • LOST, season five starts Wednesday? Should probably stop caring and watch real science fiction, or fantasy, or what-have-you. But I really, really, really want to know what happens next. LOOOOOCKE!

  • Still no word on an actual sequel to Apollo Justice? That's right. Not interested in Gyakuten Kenji.

Anywho, listing the things I need to work on (internet-wise). If I write these down, you see, and put them in a relatively public place where I might be held accountable to my promises, I may actually follow through on them. Assuming I don't delete this post and pretend nothing happened.

[ profile] hetardsunited — Submit work at some point in the future for the fanbook project.
[ profile] hetalia — a comm post. Haha. Compost. Actually more along the lines of a reminder to share my junk as soon as I collect/produce enough. No deadline.
Neon Menaces Evangelion — Ritsuko and Asuka voicework. What the fluke? Lines for the parody are due in February I believe. Goal: Try to make them sound as if they're not done by the same person ._.
dA — Update it. This year. Maybe. DONE

If I fail at finishing a certain two of the four there, I'm sure to be looked down upon by their respective managers. Do not want internet flames, please.
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When I was a kid, until the beginning of middle school I believe, I didn't have any access to cable television. Money was tight, and my family was lucky enough to own a decent television at the time. Oh, pitiful us. The only channels my family could afford at the time were the free ones, known as PUBLIC TELEVISION and THE FRENCH CHANNEL. These are the cartoons of my childhood.
God Bless YouTM National Film Board of Canada's animation section.

Para Sight

What the pretentious? I'm glad government-sponsored television never raised me. I could have turned into a hipster. A hipster.

Two animated shorts with actual substance under the cut )
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"What the hell? Today's the New Year? I thought today was Friday. Oh no. Wait. That would still make it 2009. Shut up."
— Myself (being a retard)

After trying to come up with a 2008 retrospective at four in the morning, I came up with a list of accomplishments and failures. I realize that's all the typical "New Year's Post" ever amounts to, asides from detailing resolutions. Resolutions are great (and maybe wonderful things for gym owner's), but I'm not the type of person to hold much discipline unless the end goal can be reached in the short term. Hence my current education.

Anywho, list times are now in order:

Not!Fail )

Now here's why some of that amounts to nothing:

Fail )

Halfway into the list of failures I started to consider putting down actual accomplishments and failures. But that would entail deep and serious thought at this ungodly hour. However, I will put up a list of commitments later. Unlike resolutions, I can't easily back out of these without losing credentials (mostly on the internet).


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