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the saltiest ([personal profile] cloud_riven) wrote2009-01-14 12:20 am

Never stop, NFB. Never stop.

When I was a kid, until the beginning of middle school I believe, I didn't have any access to cable television. Money was tight, and my family was lucky enough to own a decent television at the time. Oh, pitiful us. The only channels my family could afford at the time were the free ones, known as PUBLIC TELEVISION and THE FRENCH CHANNEL. These are the cartoons of my childhood.
God Bless YouTM National Film Board of Canada's animation section.

Para Sight

What the pretentious? I'm glad government-sponsored television never raised me. I could have turned into a hipster. A hipster.

Special Delivery

Greetings mailman penis. How are you? I'm doing quite fine myself. Why, I was just allowed to watch some unsupervised dark humour. No wonder I have no friends. Everyone on the playground's talking about Sailor Moon, and I can only chime in regarding the topic of irresponsibility. But that's cool. Because, when I'm older, my classmates and I finally get the jokes.

To be honest, though, these short films are actually a nice nostalgia trip. In particular, The Cat Comes Back.