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My drawer sounds like it's falling apart. I'm certain that I wasn't dreaming about the /crack/ I woke up to. When I get back from work, maybe I'll unstuff it of the backlog of games to play. Some papers are falling around the place due to furnace winds (what else do you call wind generated from a windowless room?). This is irking me because I'm a heavy sleeper. I'm a bit worried that I'll sleep through a tornado or earthquake—like an uncle of mine once did back in Zacapa—but only be jumpy enough to wake when my possessions get crushed along with me. Ah, priorities. I need to grow up.

At least it's not rats or ghosts making the noise. I almost thought it was until I remembered that the first one can't penetrate this province's borders.

On the topic of ghosts, I had no idea that the city had a pair (a couple I should say) of paranormal investigators. They're adorable. And a younger paranormal society (their website has flash now. AMAAAAZING). They meet up at the Where Faeries Live shop. I get books and incense from there, so I'm kind kind surprised it took me this long to even figure out societies hung out around them. Still, I wonder if it'd be okay to just drop in on a meeting when I finally have a day off. I don't have anything extraordinary to contribute on my end, but I'd really like to hear about local's experiences, opinions, and whatnot.

Also, I finally got Left 4 Dead 2. It's nice. Nothing particularly noteworthy about it other than new special infected, but it's nice. I mean, the first game's idea was simple enough to grasp. Get from point A to point B, don't die, don't let everyone else die, escape after two tanks, you win hooray. There's not much to really expand on that in my opinion. But it's nice.

I hate playing online though. Admittedly I'm not a good player, but I'm not an incapable one. It's like it's an almost binary group: you're either amazing or awful. The former's intimidating, and the latter is frustrating to work with. Somehow I run into both and they're always very serious to the point of advocating that having fun is a bad thing. I think it's probably about time I actually made friends on Steam. It's lonely.
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1) Michiko to Hatchin is hilarious, eh? Also hilarious? The names.
Satoshi Batista. Satoshi Batista. Satoshi.
Hiroshi Morenos. Hiroshi.
Shinsuke Rodriguez. LOL WUT?
Atsuko? Michiko?

Yes, yes, of course it takes place in a South American country that will never exist. But did the writers even try to come up with believable first names? Also, there's a samurai. WHAT? The little pride I have for my heritage is trying to rage over this, but I'm too busy laughing to be insulted.

2) How do you lose a pair of red pajama pants? They're red. Kicked off in the middle of the night, yes, but they're red. If they aspired to become sentient and ninjas, they should be failing hard at the latter?

3) I keep dreaming that I'm having intense arguments on the internet. Late night procrastination does that to a person I guess. But I'm actually checking to see what the rebuttals were; I'm shocked and disappointed to find out these debates never happened.

4) I barely dabble in or consider RPS, but I think I'm shipping Satoru Iwata(Nintendo President) and Masahiro Sakurai(former Nintendo employee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl designer). Reading those Iwata Asks interviews a second time, I have sufficient reason to believe they had hatesex.
Iwata tries too hard to win Sakurai's affections, despite pissing him off with the leash that is known as Super Smash Bros. Sakurai only worked on the project due to nostalgia and feeling he still owed Iwata something. Iwata is after his ass. He keeps coming on to Sakurai.
Sakurai reluctantly bottoms. The indignity (even if deep down he really enjoys it) is what causes him to leave several passive aggressive comments throughout the dojo. Iwata doesn't care since he just thinks it makes Sakurai cuter. Then he wants more ass.
This is definitely a seme/uke and tsundere relationship.



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