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My body is still running on poorly-cooked salmon from two nights ago. I'll try to remind myself to bring a bottle of antacid or what-have-you-cure-alls the next time my sister invites us over for dinner. It was one of those sweet gestures for the family to get to know the guy she is living with a bit better. While it's fine to mend family ties, I would like to wake up the next morning without feeling ill. Granted, I'm not that sick. The indigestion passed away Sunday night. Just felt gross in the morning, really.

So, I call in sick for Monday's classes and took advantage of the spare time to play around in photoshop and check up on my communities. It's nearly 3 AM now; still messing around with photoshop and lj.

So, I check my college email to see if I've missed anything important. Nope.
So, I check my blackboard email. Grad photos and mandatory midterm review tomorrow. Aw crap.
It takes an hour to fall asleep. I need to wake up at 5 AM. One hour of sleep. *FAIL*

I was actually meaning to sleep in or skip the entire day too. After all, I managed to show up for less than a week of January's classes and still understand what the hell was going on. Last term's theme was "Common Sense." This one's is "Tact." One of my assignments dealt with taking a personality test. Many personality tests, actually, but there's no actual skill needed to take them. And I can aim for a 'D' in all my classes, and still graduate. Why bother studying since I hate the course material so much? Because I look bad if I don't even try.

The absences weren't actually due to apathy, rather it was due to a sort of depression coming from that line of thought. One part of me just wants to get this over with; another part wants to stop wasting time with it; another part feels degraded to be taking this in the first place; another part wants a good reputation; and then another part just wants to sleep in till 1 PM everyday. If I were to pull another "disappearing act," I don't believe my instructors would tolerate it this time. But hey, it was one of them that gave me the idea of aiming for a minimum of a 'D' in the case of somehow being unable to comprehend anything. I'd have to work hard to to fail. It's like trying to get fired from Wal-mart/Superstore/any-union-based-employment; impossible.

Somehow, after consulting with a couple advisers and said instructors, I resolved to show my face there most of the time. The point is that I have grad photos tomorrow.

...? Fuck it. I lost and missed my own point. It's too late to be wangsting at this hour.

Bits here and there cross posted to necessary places and irl!journal. Lol, organization, lol.
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I think we've finished moving by now (save for the still-packed boxes I own that reside in our basement), and I'm fairly sure we've all changed our addresses so our mail doesn't end up in the wrong hands. Although if the new tenants of the old rat shed happen upon an issue of Office Pro, I may have inadvertently created a rival in my future career field.

next on: All My Unsatisfied Students )

Anywho, to cut this short for the tl;dr crowd: CLASS IS TOO EASY WHINGE MY PEERS MAKE ME LOOK SMART WAH WHY AM I NOT FAILING *SOB*


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