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Before I forget

I need to remember that this is the meaning of my life till now.

Dr. Salchicha. DONUT STEEL.

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May I suggest you give this glorious character Bigotes as his first name? He'd therefore be Dr. Bigotes Salchicha.

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But in chapter 521, at the climax of the epic 93-chapters-long fight which actually lasts only 17 minutes, his banter with Kraut Wienermaster reveals that before his escape he infused the moustache with his soulsausage chakra, efffectively allowing it to stay dormant until he could go back and revive it. As it's his most powerful capillary-based familiar (the other being HolyHirsuteHare, his chest hair), and it can't really be dead since the severance of their mustard link would result in spontaneous combustion and a dancing interlude (in that order), I predict he will eventually regain BravoBigoteBestial to slay his ally-turned-nemesis Bun Bun when he conquers his fear of pointy things and captures his torturers with his ketchup lasso. The reunion between these two will be bittersweet and full of manly emotion ;A; I can't wait for this series to update! The plot's shabby but the characters are so compelling and their stories so powerful!

(this is nationalsecreto, but DW's captchas are getting impudent)

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(sorry for the late reply, I came down with a nasty case of RL and you know how persistent that shit can be)

Oooh! A fellow shipper! *hugs and passes tissues* They freaking belong together, I still can't believe Bun went mad in his quest for power and attempted to hand Sal to the Society of Asadores and their wicked practices of skewering his race and giving them a slow, painful death. (WARNING: TORTURE AND BODIES AHEAD I understand that harvesting their souls when they're at their most crispy and simultaneously at their most juicy (the paradox infusing the souls with that extra spiritual strength) is a long-held tradition that fuels their home planet, but such a fate is too cruel!

Anyway, the little fucker has it coming. He'll probably turn to toast in the sort of poetic justice this series is so fond of, but I just don't want to see Sal angsting all over him. He should shed a single manly tear, perhaps compose a planh, and then move on.

And there have been rumors of Trenza Chorizo coming back for the next arc, but I'm not sure how to react to that :/ She'll probably be in mortal peril at the hands of Parrillada Pals and I'm fucking tired of damsels in distress. What bothers me the most about how she was handled is precisely that: we were presented with a strong female character and then she turned into this gooey pile of feelings as soon as she met 'the one' for her. Let's face it, Spicy Stewie is a seriously attractive guy (and alledgedly explosive in bed), but his brashness and carelessness towards his own companions make him a fiery douche. Why was she swooning over him?! She's beautiful, she's smart (ffs, she was the one that solved the Riddles of the Riveting River back in the Riotous Rapids, Ricocheting Roosters arc!) and strong, she deserves better than this overrated chili.

Anyway, this admirer of adjectives and alliteration has a lot of feelings about these characters (and sorely regrets saving the sausage fest joke for this comment). Incidentally, what do you think of the fanfiction in this small but loyal fandom? (you know the one... *cough cough*YummyYummyCasserole*cough cough*) I think Wienerwank's writing isn't perfect, but it's far from the overrated piece of soggy chimichurri her detractors claim it to be.

Re: (this is nationalsecreto, but DW's captchas are getting impudent)

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hehehe I'm glad I'm not the only one that puts too much thought and effort in the overly detailed analysis of a fictional series starring sausages. (We totally need to sell this idea to the big cheeses in the anime industry, though XD) I'll come up with a proper reply in the following days (week? hope not); RL's been negating my online roaming, so I check some stuff but don't reply/get involved in convos. But fear not, for I shall return and do justice to the glorious exploits of Sausagedonia's citizens!

Re: (this is nationalsecreto, but DW's captchas are getting impudent)

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[this took so much longer than expected... so sorry m(_ _)m ]

OH GOD SUDDEN CASE OF MONTE MAÍZ FEELINGS *braces self* Why would you bring that up?! I bawled like a baby when Slipperysherbet's speed becomes his demise at the edge of the cliffside. He knew how dangerous his unique kind of feetfighting can become when in such a place and yet he bravely fought on to keep his companions safe. The moment he dramatically steps on the carpet of bananas laid out by Bun's Blooming Banana attack and just *falls* in painful slo-mo while still clocking Bun right into his treacherous little head ;A; Sal's pained cry of "SHERBIEEEEE" and the... the mess of filling at the bottom of the cliff... just *UGLY SOBBING* I cried many bitter tears every Sherlock fan can relate to.

But I disagree with you on the whole Sal not noticing it. The rest are of course oblivious to the fact that doubt may enter the meaty cores of Sausage Links, since their bonds were forged in the heat of many a heroic battle, and the threads that shaped them at the top and bottom of their bodies since childhood, once entwined with others', are very difficult to tear apart. But Sal was his closest friend, and he knew Bun struggled with something. There was something wrong with him, he could feel it in his stuffing, yet he ascribed it to Bun being Bun. It probably didn't do any good, knowing that his childhood nickname was Brooding Bun, or BrooBun. He just didn't have to bring those memories of merciless bullying back (I admit Sall telling him he was no longer BrooBun but BroBun to him got me teary, but you just *knew* Bun would get it totally wrong and take offense). This, I think, is what makes them both relatable: Bun still had some serious self-esteem issues and compensated by being overly arrogant and distant (nobody can stick a fork to your side if they're away) and Sal, with his ever bright disposition, couldn't believe people would not just brush minor past offenses off like he does. He was a bit too self-absorbed, and that was the tragedy in their friendship: no matter how much they cared for one another, neither was prepared to open up, walk a mile in each other's cowboy boots, and try to understand.

About YYC, well... I'm a sucker for delicious angst when the circumstances justify it. AND Wienerwank didn't woobify any of them, which should be an understatement. Regrettably, half the fandom only wants to read SalSal when one of them is a poor blubbering baby scared and scarred because of the violence they encounter - I mean come *on* they freaking thrive on epic quests and the mighty call of war. That doesn't make them raging brutes that only like smashing stuff, since I think in this universe the brain versus brawn dilemma doesn't necessarily apply (see Trenza before the author hacked her character to snack-sized pieces), but violence IS an important part of who they are. Not as mindless destruction, but as the necessary outlet for otherwise incredibly dangerous emotional turmoils (if not let out in controlled stages, it can build up to a sudden outburst as in Bun's case). It can get a bit slapstick-y sometimes, but to them, brooding and overthinking are unnatural and STILL don't mean you can't develop your intellectual faculties. But then again, half the fandom applies very rigid human categories to the characters, so tell anybody a mouthful of this at the Deli forums and they'll roast you and call you a fucking troll.

I got sidetracked like, a dozen lines ago >__> (I just have all this raw RAGE when it comes to the precious little clique in the Deli). About YYC and the heavy seasoning with Spanish terms... it's the only one of her flaws I'm not willing to overlook. I gave her very positive feedback but suggested running the Spanish parts on the Spanish part of the forums to get actual native speakers to edit them before she publishes the new chapters, but she took offense. How *dare* I imply she doesn't know her shit when it comes to the language because she *learned* it at school and she was the *best* of her class and she uses *super awesome* English-Spanish dictionaries and the RAE website and whatever. Right, because the opinion of a native speaker is complete bullshit and should be disregarded even though the translation for stuffing is relleno AND NOT ESTOFADO. At least use WordReference instead of Google Translate, bitch.

UGH, this is one of those cases in which the artist does a good job at her craft and a bad, godawful job at being a civilised, logical human being.

Re: (this is nationalsecreto, but DW's captchas are getting impudent)

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*missed this too*

YES! With all the fandom insanity, all the wank, all the EVERYTHING that's wonderful and terrible at the same time when you combine series+internet! n_n

Re: (this is nationalsecreto, but DW's captchas are getting impudent)

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Om my God. Silly, but I just realised this: We're not even roleplaying characters. We're fangirls roleplaying fangirls who bitch over other fangirls of a fictional fandom for a nonexistent series. The meta will make this whole thread collapse on itself.

I... I think I need to lie down for a bit.

(btw, what are we? SalGals? Sal-chicas?)

Re: (this is nationalsecreto, but DW's captchas are getting impudent)

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Hahaha then Sal-chicas it is. We need badges or banners or something :D

But Salchimachos sounds way better than Carniños imo XD That sounds like the portmanteau of cariños and niños and it's got to be an incredibly emasculating nickname to be called. They're all a bunch of whiny boys, though. That should be *our* nickname for them, and they'd act insulted and speak of discrimination against men or something equally appalling. Then we'd totally write RPS about them enjoying having their meat thoroughly tenderized by the angry mods hehehehehe.

(RPS about fictional characters? Meta within meta? WE MUST GO DEEPER)

Re: (this is nationalsecreto, but DW's captchas are getting impudent)

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FLASHNEWS: The third series of the anime has been CONFIRMED! I AM FANGIRGLING ALL OVER THE INTERNET, SPREADING THE JOYOUS NEWS!! Remember the much debated shitty quality of the animation of the second half of the second series? They switched animation studios and I'm BEAMING. Finally Sal's chesthair will puff when he inhales deeply to emit his wondrous battle cry! The voice actor has such a beautiful baritone voice, too ;A; (every time he talks I have an eargasm). If they include all the song interludes of the omakes, I'll die happy. I just hope they don't shoehorn too many filler episodes inbetween the Roasty Road arc (as I see it, it's the one that could be more easily bloated). But the possibility to stretch it on and on must be so tempting, with so many stopovers along the road... ARGH >_> I want to flail at them and tell them not to screw this one, okay? The Kinder Kinks, Kinkier Kinds one got extremely lame by the end; all those bland made-up characters ruined the entire arc for me >:(

Oh, and the mailing list! Seriously, I wasn't expecting a trip down memory lane. Remember N. Curty Doh and her quest to prove that her Sal/Alucard crossover was totally legit? And the wankfest when SpiTren became canon and all the TrenSal shippers were claiming they'd stop reading because HOW COULD THE UST BETWEEN THEM NOT LEAD TO ROMANCE?!

Your scarf is awesome. Had I a tumblr (I don't because it's a black hole that sucks in all productivity and sanity in return for fandom gif dance-offs and in-depth analysis of every pixel of every episode of every series ever), I'd totally use it.


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(ilu and the portmanteaus for the ship wars, they are perfect and lovely and perfect n_n) (and lovely as well)

Yup! It's that studio! I know the bishie-fication could get out of hand at times, but it was understandable; these guys got the company started by animating the Mew Boyfriend manga, after all. I'm surprised they didn't turn Sal's mustache into whiskers (though I'd have skewered them if they had). But the fight scenes... *drools* Some fans argue that some were suspiciously similar to the love scene between Mewchiro and Cat-o, but they're reading too far into very minor similarities imo.

Oh the serving girls of the mandatory beach episode! They weren't even original fanservice, they lifted the concept from Mandy Drake in the Lurking Fabulously Underground episode
which was supposed to be a parody in the first place for this sort of fanservice. Quite ironic.

About the ship war, were you there when it reached its peak? I remember watching in delighted horror as the insults were hurled back and forward; it was a solid afternoon of entertainment and I learned some really creative expletives in the process ('half-rotten, poorly-stuffed excuse of a syphilis sausage' being one of the most amusing ones, and I still find myself mentally using the 'were you marinated in chicken shit in the middle of the summer or you're just that stupid?' one).

I don't have a Tumblr, but I browse it >__> It's only marginally better than having one (deep in denial, ik .__.) but the tags are very unhelpful (especially when there's so many tag!feels and tag!ficlets for the gifsets), so I stick to checking a few people who just know how to find awesome fanart, and then follow back to the source to check out if they have more. Here are a few girls that have impeccable taste: sal-sal-chick-a, sausagey-pals, ivegotaphdinmeatpacking, flyingchorizos, braidedlove, wowie-stewie. I've got a ton more bookmarked, but these are the ones I check the most. Then there's comerideourmustache for the NSFW goodiness ;) I know inquisitivewienerwielder is sort of a BNF when it comes to teh pr0n, but it doesn't do much for me.

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Hey, are we still good? You left the shit stream just before its shitty shitty end, when I made everyone go "WTF..." by sharing a clip of a weirdass Japanese movie. I was so betting that you'd have seen this one because, JAPAN dude! But then you weren't there. BEWARE THE HORROR!

(Did I offend you? I'm sorry! I'm not offended or anything. Please don't leave ;____; *hangs on with ALL T3H appendages*)

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YESSSSSSSSSSS someone who understands the pure beauty of that movie! No one else saw beneath its extraordinary premises to notice the brillance underneath

#okay I'll stop bullshitting nao #the looks (or ...s) of horror were almost as enjoyable as the clip itself #I'm glad someone liked it #it might show up on the shit stream proper 8D

Actual incendiary sex toys sound hot *wipes brow* Oops, did I just make a fierously bad pun?

I'm okay. I'm running on second wind which may or may not be affecting my mood. It's dark and cold and I'm hungry and everyone's asleep. Actually, a post-midnight Marmite sandwich sounds swell.

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Fuuuuuuuuuuu it is like three degrees outside again and je suis having a shit of a time falling asleep. Welp.

I do not like winter. Burrrrrrrr :(

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Io penso (is this right? I don't remember my Italian verb conjugations D:) che mon fever est le gone, si, und j'ai slept mit dos blankets and longsleeves but-

turns out my bloody WINDOW was open halfway all night long. of course I was cold. Of course.


Been napping on and off all day between studying sessions. I hope I don't sleep through my classes again this week because testsssssssssssssss

Keep yourself warm and don't get sick too!

effing hell I forgot to email you again. will do after dinner, maybe D:

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I wanna suck its tip