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So I sat down and watched Attack on Titan for a couple days.

Everything I assumed was completely wrong. Gonna make a draw thing about how completely off I was, because I was really really off. Also, I didn't expect to be so angry nearly every episode. I want season 2.
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Merry Christmas ♥
I don't celebrate the holiday myself, but it's very easy and enjoyable to get caught up in the festivities and generally temporary happy mood everyone is in. Even my recent dreams are akin to the Christmas specials on TV, but I'm not entirely sure how I should feel about this. Especially when pulsing vaginas and motorcycles are somehow involved.

Anywho, hope everyone is enjoying themselves!

On another note, I've decided against going to school next semester. I might take a course in the Spring, likely Drawing II seeing how I enjoyed Drawing I in the fall, but money's a bit too limited right now to consider the Winter term. I'm currently working in a call center during the evenings, so I'll probably look for a second job during the day for extra income. I doubt the boss I had during the summer will take me back though. It would be nice, as nice as menial reception work can be in the first place, but she wasn't very happy when I quit once the Fall term started. Maybe I'll risk a job in retail and finally learn how to be a salesperson? The skill of selling things to people who don't need them isn't necessarily bad, just intimidating.

Also, the battery power for my laptop only lasts 15 minutes maximum. It's basically a desktop considering how long it's always plugged in these days. The battery I keep on the bookshelf. It's like a paper weight. A cold, drained, heavy, potentially explosive paper weight. The computer is almost four-years old, and it's age is definitely showing. I guess it's time to start looking for a new one, and I'm hoping something affordable and worth the investment shows up on Boxing Day or the next couple weeks. It'll probably be a plus if I can play either Left 4 Dead and its sequel on it, but so long as I can run TF2 and my drawing software, all is good.

edit: oiewhgbvkausdh GDI I am going to maim the jerk who wished for a whiter Christmas. That was a rude move on their part. It's not my distant neighbour's fault for being unable to clean their sidewalk, it's that guy's. CHRISTMAS IS RUINED FOREVER.
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Before I get into that, let me clarify that I'm always late (quite fashionably, really) in realizing news. Oh how I wish I was around for the hippie hand-holding parties on [ profile] hetalia.
No, really, I do. I miss a ton of the discussions. And, apparently, wank fests.

  • Hetalia's anime is not going to get aired on a kid's channel? Something else about alternative means of viewing and easier access to raw anime, I think. Que sera, sera.

  • Keanu Reeves is officially Spike Spiegel? ♥♥♥ I mean D:

  • LOST, season five starts Wednesday? Should probably stop caring and watch real science fiction, or fantasy, or what-have-you. But I really, really, really want to know what happens next. LOOOOOCKE!

  • Still no word on an actual sequel to Apollo Justice? That's right. Not interested in Gyakuten Kenji.

Anywho, listing the things I need to work on (internet-wise). If I write these down, you see, and put them in a relatively public place where I might be held accountable to my promises, I may actually follow through on them. Assuming I don't delete this post and pretend nothing happened.

[ profile] hetardsunited — Submit work at some point in the future for the fanbook project.
[ profile] hetalia — a comm post. Haha. Compost. Actually more along the lines of a reminder to share my junk as soon as I collect/produce enough. No deadline.
Neon Menaces Evangelion — Ritsuko and Asuka voicework. What the fluke? Lines for the parody are due in February I believe. Goal: Try to make them sound as if they're not done by the same person ._.
dA — Update it. This year. Maybe. DONE

If I fail at finishing a certain two of the four there, I'm sure to be looked down upon by their respective managers. Do not want internet flames, please.
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"What the hell? Today's the New Year? I thought today was Friday. Oh no. Wait. That would still make it 2009. Shut up."
— Myself (being a retard)

After trying to come up with a 2008 retrospective at four in the morning, I came up with a list of accomplishments and failures. I realize that's all the typical "New Year's Post" ever amounts to, asides from detailing resolutions. Resolutions are great (and maybe wonderful things for gym owner's), but I'm not the type of person to hold much discipline unless the end goal can be reached in the short term. Hence my current education.

Anywho, list times are now in order:

Not!Fail )

Now here's why some of that amounts to nothing:

Fail )

Halfway into the list of failures I started to consider putting down actual accomplishments and failures. But that would entail deep and serious thought at this ungodly hour. However, I will put up a list of commitments later. Unlike resolutions, I can't easily back out of these without losing credentials (mostly on the internet).


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