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My drawer sounds like it's falling apart. I'm certain that I wasn't dreaming about the /crack/ I woke up to. When I get back from work, maybe I'll unstuff it of the backlog of games to play. Some papers are falling around the place due to furnace winds (what else do you call wind generated from a windowless room?). This is irking me because I'm a heavy sleeper. I'm a bit worried that I'll sleep through a tornado or earthquake—like an uncle of mine once did back in Zacapa—but only be jumpy enough to wake when my possessions get crushed along with me. Ah, priorities. I need to grow up.

At least it's not rats or ghosts making the noise. I almost thought it was until I remembered that the first one can't penetrate this province's borders.

On the topic of ghosts, I had no idea that the city had a pair (a couple I should say) of paranormal investigators. They're adorable. And a younger paranormal society (their website has flash now. AMAAAAZING). They meet up at the Where Faeries Live shop. I get books and incense from there, so I'm kind kind surprised it took me this long to even figure out societies hung out around them. Still, I wonder if it'd be okay to just drop in on a meeting when I finally have a day off. I don't have anything extraordinary to contribute on my end, but I'd really like to hear about local's experiences, opinions, and whatnot.

Also, I finally got Left 4 Dead 2. It's nice. Nothing particularly noteworthy about it other than new special infected, but it's nice. I mean, the first game's idea was simple enough to grasp. Get from point A to point B, don't die, don't let everyone else die, escape after two tanks, you win hooray. There's not much to really expand on that in my opinion. But it's nice.

I hate playing online though. Admittedly I'm not a good player, but I'm not an incapable one. It's like it's an almost binary group: you're either amazing or awful. The former's intimidating, and the latter is frustrating to work with. Somehow I run into both and they're always very serious to the point of advocating that having fun is a bad thing. I think it's probably about time I actually made friends on Steam. It's lonely.
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There were some bananas I was saving to make a banana cake. At least a week for them to look dark enough, but it was definitely worth it. I just had a slice with some ice cream on it. I'm going to be a whale if I keep eating stuff like that before bed. But I want to make it again, so maybe I should buy some more bananas. Ah, but my sister likes bananas too much, and I probably won't any have left to use ; A;

On another note, I saw Shutter Island with a friend yesterday. I liked it. Just a bit hard to buy the premise, especially towards the end. Kind of reminds me of a mash up of Sixth Sense and that movie with Jim Carrey grasping at straws to make a couple numbers add up everywhere he looked. I'm definitely going to get the DVD though, especially since there's a bit too many moments where a rewind or pause would be appreciated.

Hm. My account is expiring. I wonder if I should go another round with it, but I haven't been on lj as much since the beginning of January. I'll have to see which icons I like best. I kind of miss the anon meme, F!S, tmi_chix, the videogame communities, and other fun things... But I've been killed with too many hours at the call centre, TinierMe is being addictive, and I'm too busy playing Pokemon Platinum to get ready for the Gold/Silver remakes. Eventually I'll fall back here anyways. I always do, even if it's just to lurk. Ah well.

Guh, Olympics. Almost slipped my mind. Just wanted to mention an obligatory WOO CANADA WOO before my citizenship is pulled for not doing so.
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Me: Is that all for today?

Caller 1 (Calgary): You betcha.

Caller 2 (Edmonton): You betcha!

Caller 10 (Grand Prairie): You betcha!

Caller 25 (Airdrie): Youuuuuuu betttttttchaaaaa!

Caller 53 (Prince George [lol wut]): YA BETCHA :D

I swear, I never thought Albertans could be so annoying by uttering that single phrase. At least they don't say "y'all" very often. It wouldn't be so grating if I didn't have it fed directly to my ear via a headset. If I come across this face-to-face, I will mangle a hamburger to represent my valid irritation.

I finally finished reading Hitching Rides with Buddha after delaying regular reading sessions for months. I wasn't expecting the ending at all, and even though I know that the author is successful and very well off today, I still wanted to crawl into a corner and cry. No, it wasn't a depressing ending, just a melancholic one that almost makes me want to rethink any urge I have to travel on my own. Maybe I'll just make sure that I know as much of the native language of wherever I end up in before I migrate around the world. That seemed to be one of the things I noticed seemed to cause a bit of hiccups in the book: a language barrier.

By the way, what the hell am I doing on TinierMe? There is nothing to do but fish, but I keep coming back for that stupid coin bonus. And the pretty avatar items. Which, by the way, I heard are older and less detailed than the Japanese version... It's not even a good Gaia clone, but why do I keep coming back? D:
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I just spent a fun week making a hermit of myself both online and offline. For the former, I simply chose to not log in to anything anywhere, post as an anonymous when possible, and ignore my RSS feeds; refreshing, but nervewracking as some of these things were overwhelming to catch up on. Maybe more on this later.

The latter? Blankets, food, a book, and two boxes of tissues. My sudden lack of academic responsibilities is both a catharsis and a collapse. Also maybe more on this later. Good thing my conscience finally kicked in and kicked me out of the house. These past couple days are just fabulous ♥ I can walk outside, stand by my lethal snow mound of a backyard and sit on it. It's at the stage where it's no longer soft, but hard and icy. It tries to melt, but fails spectacularly thanks to the -8(ish)C temperatures. As soon as a bit manages to melt, it freezes to ice! Hooray for inadvertent ice thrones!

Another item I've been avoiding in that general area of "outside" is the school building. Specifically my locker. I figure I should at least take out the textbooks, but I'm a little wary of running into a classmate and having to explain my absence. It wouldn't be too hard, but I'm a little tired of having to pretend to be a verbose and calm person. Plus, without the recent contact with the world (always a bad idea to put off dealing with it) I might slip up and give off the impression I'm a slurring idiot. Curses. I will get those books out by Thursday and, following my counsellor's advice, attempt to "accidentally" run into my peers and justify myself with a little harmless small talk.

The only negative to wandering about aimlessly in this city is that I've broken down and bought a pack of cigarettes.

"Ah, but they're the good kind," I sighed. "You can't get these at the random convenience stores, and the pharmacies don't sell any tobacco items anymore, much less my favourite brand!

"I might not be able to buy them later," I reasoned to no one in the area, addiction winning out in the end.

But, the cravings for death sticks give me a reason to get out; I won't smoke them in the house. It's a terrible excuse, but it's one I need for now.
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I hate Edmonton. Not all the time. Sometimes I remember my obligatory need to fawn over the city I grew up in. Then I also remember the several reasons why I'd love to just ditch Edmonton, and even move to the enemy known as Calgary. Forget the homely nature of this city, the multiple festivals (I wonder if there are any running right now), and even our apparent scenery; I want the convenience of living closer to the border.

Today's special overused reason to leave: The WEATHER.

By March, one could expect the snow to become a wet mash of bugs, dirt, and ice. Not here. I just took the shovel out awhile ago to re-shovel the snow that some awful draft of wind decided to fling back on the sidewalks and driveway. If I stick the shovel into the piles left on the sides, the barely five inches of a four foot shovel are left visible. I could probably kill myself if I fell in my own backyard. Within two days there'll probably be another random snowfall, and I'll have to clean it up. Within an hour the wind will pick up and hurl everything back. And then I'll cry.

If I lived in B.C. I wouldn't have this problem. Sources tell me that the land of Asians, nude beaches, backyard grizzlies, and humidity doesn't even get snow. What they get is one day of slightly-colder rain passed off as Winter.
Actually, if I lived in Calgary, I wouldn't have this problem either.
What I would get is a mountain view, reminding me that beneath the chill and beyond the uncouth, there is a reason to make the effort worth staying.

Also chinook winds. The founders of Edmonton missed the memo on this, and built the city just far enough we get no mountains on the skyline.

Anywho, I have some vegetable seeds I just bought. I wanted to try my hand at crafting life from the ground. One of the packages indicate that I need to germinate it six weeks prior to spring. Isn't that in a couple of weeks, spring? Riiiiight.
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And by villain, I mean Barack Obama. And by doing it wrong, I mean saying all the right things to Peter Mansbridge in such a way that I can't help but not be pissed at him. Hell, even the official visit made it impossible for me to try and hate the guy.


American politics is not my forte though, so I can't say I have a very valid opinion on the going ons there. However, I'm quite happy that he at least left a good impression (and disappointingly didn't ping on my wank radar). I only wish more Canadians could be more enthusiastic about the actual happenings in our own government first. Where's our celebrity prime minister?

Oh well~

Anywho, tiny sketch dump here since I haven't made one in a while. Didn't scan anything as I want to have sufficient pencil sketches before I do so.

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My body is still running on poorly-cooked salmon from two nights ago. I'll try to remind myself to bring a bottle of antacid or what-have-you-cure-alls the next time my sister invites us over for dinner. It was one of those sweet gestures for the family to get to know the guy she is living with a bit better. While it's fine to mend family ties, I would like to wake up the next morning without feeling ill. Granted, I'm not that sick. The indigestion passed away Sunday night. Just felt gross in the morning, really.

So, I call in sick for Monday's classes and took advantage of the spare time to play around in photoshop and check up on my communities. It's nearly 3 AM now; still messing around with photoshop and lj.

So, I check my college email to see if I've missed anything important. Nope.
So, I check my blackboard email. Grad photos and mandatory midterm review tomorrow. Aw crap.
It takes an hour to fall asleep. I need to wake up at 5 AM. One hour of sleep. *FAIL*

I was actually meaning to sleep in or skip the entire day too. After all, I managed to show up for less than a week of January's classes and still understand what the hell was going on. Last term's theme was "Common Sense." This one's is "Tact." One of my assignments dealt with taking a personality test. Many personality tests, actually, but there's no actual skill needed to take them. And I can aim for a 'D' in all my classes, and still graduate. Why bother studying since I hate the course material so much? Because I look bad if I don't even try.

The absences weren't actually due to apathy, rather it was due to a sort of depression coming from that line of thought. One part of me just wants to get this over with; another part wants to stop wasting time with it; another part feels degraded to be taking this in the first place; another part wants a good reputation; and then another part just wants to sleep in till 1 PM everyday. If I were to pull another "disappearing act," I don't believe my instructors would tolerate it this time. But hey, it was one of them that gave me the idea of aiming for a minimum of a 'D' in the case of somehow being unable to comprehend anything. I'd have to work hard to to fail. It's like trying to get fired from Wal-mart/Superstore/any-union-based-employment; impossible.

Somehow, after consulting with a couple advisers and said instructors, I resolved to show my face there most of the time. The point is that I have grad photos tomorrow.

...? Fuck it. I lost and missed my own point. It's too late to be wangsting at this hour.

Bits here and there cross posted to necessary places and irl!journal. Lol, organization, lol.
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It exists to help my garden. But it's bleeding winter by now D:
Turned on my computer for my usual ritual of catching up on news feeds. Also per usual, I began posting comments on some forum, but found I couldn't properly hit the spacebar with the thumb of my right hand. Thinking it was just a silly sticky key, I hit it a couple times with extra force.


Since when did my keyboard make crunching noises? With my trusty can of air I attempt to identify what important piece of a keyboard key I may have destroyed. A false alarm. No vitals are damaged. And then I had a heart attack.

Another internet search later and I was assured that it was not a cockroach. A cockroach probably would have made my spacebar permanently sticky, and I would never know why. As it turns out, it's just a sow bug. Which actually aren't bugs. They're more like land shrimp. Hence the cracking and lack of squishing.

Granted, I've seen a few of these running around the basement. Apparently they help gardeners by pooping good things in the dirt. But... it's December. And we've just started having some actual good ol' chilly weather. And I can't grow a chunk of grass to save the earth anyways.

Also, sow bugs don't ruin your homes or kill you.


So they don't even have the decency to be real pests.
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Spoke with my older sister regarding the whole family tree matter; best advice is to contact the relatives.
I did come across a genealogy for the first C***** to come to Zacapa (which is where my father was raised, as well as his father before him). Also found other junk which is likely to lead to a dead end. *le sigh*

Anywho, Patapon 2 is coming out in Japan this week. PON PON PATA UNF :>
Unfortunately, I still have to pay for new textbooks for the next semester. Seriously, WTF? I'm going to be working in a cubicle by the end of next year (I presume). Will textbook-knowledge really be applied when I'm writing a memo to Accounting to send my department more money for stamps? No. God, I hope not.

Nonetheless I can't afford "luxuries." 7-11 is hiring though... And it's only minutes away from my house, really. Starbucks, in City Centre, wants staff too. And I'd really like to get a free bag of coffee every week.

Or maybe I'll try MacDonalds! They're always hiring, and I've always wanted to see if working fast food is the equivalent of going straight to hell.
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I think we've finished moving by now (save for the still-packed boxes I own that reside in our basement), and I'm fairly sure we've all changed our addresses so our mail doesn't end up in the wrong hands. Although if the new tenants of the old rat shed happen upon an issue of Office Pro, I may have inadvertently created a rival in my future career field.

next on: All My Unsatisfied Students )

Anywho, to cut this short for the tl;dr crowd: CLASS IS TOO EASY WHINGE MY PEERS MAKE ME LOOK SMART WAH WHY AM I NOT FAILING *SOB*


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